About SikhMuseum.com

The goal of SikhMuseum.com is to provide a world-class virtual online repository of the Sikh experience in the form of ground-breaking detailed exhibits about various aspects of Sikh heritage.

Unlike a physical museum or exhibit that have a limited reach, are often open only for a specific length of time, very high cost to put together and maintain and constrained by numerous other limiting factors, SikhMuseum.com's online exhibits utilizing the latest technologies have a global reach and are open to the public, researchers, media, students and teachers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year showcasing Sikh heritage.

Watch us grow as research work and development is currently under way on a number of exciting new exhibits. Exhibits will come online at SikhMuseum.com as they are completed.

Preserving a people's heritage through such exhibits requires a tremendous amount of effort, research and funding. To contribute funding or share resource material for an exhibit, please contact us.